Climate Pros offers expert lighting solutions
For Unique Applications

If you are currently using metal halides, high pressure sodium, or T-12 fluorescent lighting in your commercial freezers, refrigeration, food processing and distribution facilities, contact us today to discuss significant money-saving opportunities.

Working with our partnered manufacturer, Climate Pros has developed proprietary, innovative, and cost effective lighting and design solutions to upgrade your freezer and refrigeration lighting. We’re confident that using our CPI T5 cold storage fixtures will deliver a higher percentage of energy reduction than any other facility upgrade you make.

No matter what type of Food Production, Storage, or Distribution facility, Climate Pros has an energy efficient lighting solution to reduce your energy and maintenance costs and improve your facility's productivity.

For more information about our CPI cold storage lighting systems that deliver substantial energy savings (of 40% or more) click here.

Cut your freezer-related energy
costs by 50% or more click here

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