Climate Pros tailors Preventive Maintenance Programs
to improve equipment efficiency, generate cost savings

Commercial Industrial Services

Our Commercial Service Team is one of the most qualified groups of technicians working today in our industry. All Climate Pros technicians are Union Certified and factory trained. In addition, they attend regularly scheduled in-house training programs to stay up to date with new certifications and technical bulletins essential to servicing the broad array of brands and models of HVAC and Refrigeration equipment in operation. Downtime for commercial customers means lost revenues, spoiled products and unhappy customers. Be assured that we make the extra effort to get you back on line as fast as possible.

Our primary objective is to provide service in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. If a customer has developed unique maintenance requirements, however, we will review those needs to gain a thorough understanding of the specifications as they apply to repairs or preventive maintenance programs.
Commercial Industrial Services In addition, we can suggest maintenance or service specifications we’ve developed, based on our experience, and which might be applicable to equipment you operate or are considering for installation.

The computerized program used by all our service technicians enables us to track service calls by equipment in place and parts used. We look for instances where the same piece of equipment needs repeated repairs, or the same parts are being replaced frequently.

For additional information about developing a customized program for you that can reduce your maintenance and repair costs by 15% or more, click here.