Climate Pros service offers key benefits
to customers throughout Hawaii

Climate Pros customers enjoy a wide range of benefits from our innovative use of technology in conjunction with the skilled experience of our service technicians.

Travel Times

Minimum travel times.
Our dispatch software provides GPS guided directions and and traffic conditions, allowing us to see in real time where our technicians are and their service call destinations. This helps ensure that each job is completed in a timely manner.

Climate Pros technician support

Automated work orders summarizes all on-site work, hours and parts.
Our technicians use iPads and our customized software to receive dispatches and prepare work orders when the job is completed but before leaving the job site. On arrival at the site, the technician has access via the iPad to detailed customer data, including previous service call information and completed work orders. Automatically time-stamped work orders ensure against over-billing.

Climate Pros technician support

Automated invoice eliminates manual entry errors.
Before leaving the job site, the technician prepares a completed work order, showing arrival and departure time, total labor hours and the numbers of all parts used on the call. All data is transmitted to our office immediately and a corresponding invoice is prepared electronically, to eliminate the possibility of errors. It is common practice in the industry to re-enter the work order data into the accounting system manually, which can result in billing errors.

Climate Pros technician support

Customer account access provides instant updates and transparency.
A secure online suite, password-protected, allows our customers to view a current statement, account payable balance and individual invoices at their convenience. An invoice can be submitted to the customer as soon as the day of service, if needed.

Climate Pros technician support

Automated inventory control saves time and reduces costs.
Our state of the art inventory tracking system automatically maintains parts inventories on all our service vehicles using data from completed work orders. This ensures that each service vehicle is stocked completely at all times.

Climate Pro Coverage

As our coverage area map illustrates, Climate Pros serves customers throughout Hawaii.

If you’re in that area, or nearby, please give us a call. We’ll do our best to provide expert, cost-efficient service on a timely basis.

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